Future view revealed at Sky House Sussex, Lewes, East Sussex

Ribs of the roof revealing the view

Tantalisingly, the view from the Sky House Sussex plot has started to reveal itself. As the bungalow is picked apart by the demolition team, a glorious view of Lewes and the Sussex Downs peeks through the ribs of the roof.  We’ve waited nearly three years to expose the view.  This is a special spot on the edge of the South Downs Way. It’s within striking distance of this vibrant county town but high up enough to have a sense of space and airiness. We hope visitors to the Bed and Breakfast next year will enjoy the panoramic views of town and sky. We’d go so far as to say ‘firmament’ here…it means ‘vault of heaven’.

Every step of the project brings a new prospective allowing your mind to grasp the infinite possibilities.  It’s truly thrilling and makes all the effort worthwhile.  Can’t wait to share more of these moments with you.