We found ourselves facing a very special moment in time where we had the good fortune to build a new home and eco bed and breakfast. At the same time, we were poignantly aware of the emerging clean energy industry evolving at a rapid rate and wanted to jump in and be a part of this unique industry’s development. These things combined and led us to the mission of building a cutting edge energy efficient home.

You can watch the Skyhouse construction (captured in a 1 minute time lapse film) on You Tube and follow the story of the build on our Blog.

The Dilemma

  • People who have worked their whole lives and have the means to build a house often don’t have the green knowledge
  • AND YET young people often have the green knowledge but have still to acquire the means to build

The Challenge

Being a complete clean energy novice, we said, “YES” to achieving Zero Carbon emissions and the huge learning curve began. The learning was not just for us…indeed it has included contractors, tradespeople, members of the community and even green experts! Take a tour through our blog to see the house being built.

Our Invitation

We invite you to come and stay in our eco bed and breakfast to experience what it feels like to live and sleep in a cutting-edge eco home. And for those of you who are green and keen, tours are offered. Ultimately, we hope you go home inspired by what you’ve seen here and brimming with green ideas for your own house and garden.

BOOK NOW: Indulgence really can go hand-in-hand with caring for our environment.

“This home is simply stunning. The rooms are spacious, the views breathtaking. Delighted to have found such an amazing location. ”
Steve F, June 2015, TripAdvisor