We have felt the creative juices flowing this week and we put it down to the lovely spring weather we’re enjoying. After a short lull on site, as we sweated profusely to finalise the technical drawings with Baufritz, the building action has started up again. During Operation Escarpment, Joe, Amy and the groundwork team created a gorgeous curved line of chalk precipice at the back of the plot, to reflect iconic landmarks of Sussex such as The Seven Sisters and Beachy Head.

The team painstakingly marked out the curve, first with hosepipe and then with spray can, to indicate where the digger should start ‘carving’. It was a bit like watching precision heart surgery – or maybe we’re just extremely attached to our beloved chalk hillside, so rich in history and geological complexity. This man-made escarpment will create a stunning feature as visitors approach the entrance to the earth-sheltered guest accommodation, sunk down into the impressive bank of Sussex chalk.