We now have a fantastic impression of the size and shape of the house from the shuttering which Joe and team have constructed. This ‘wooden box’ around the footprint will house the foundations. Because the house will be earth-sheltered and sunk down so far below the original ground level, Joe’s challenge is to make a perfectly watertight seal (like in a swimming pool) to prevent water seeping up through the chalk into the foundations. Joe showed us his ‘recipe card’ (see photo) and a section of his foundation layer cake will contain these hearty ingredients:

  • Concrete on top – with channels created (very tricky) to accommodate the MVHR (mechanical ventilation) vents
  • Steel mesh
  • Damp-proofing
  • Sand blinding
  • Styrofoam insulation
  • Sand blinding and concrete blinding
  • Chalk ground

We’re already on tenterhooks and the D-day countdown has started: just 40 days until delivery of the house! *** Set your clocks for Tuesday 6th May 2014 *** It’s so exciting to think the house will be erected and made watertight in a matter of days. Come and take a look if you’re in or around Lewes, we’d love to see you and hear what you think of our build.