Do your energy bills have you waking up in a cold sweat? Do you ever wish you could see which appliances chew up the most energy and how to reduce wasteful consumption? 

energy saving LED bulb

energy saving LED bulb

At Sky House Sussex, we want to promote greener living. So we’ve been discussing installing energy monitors throughout the building – and this has got us all fired up! These easy to read, interactive gadgets will be the ears and eyes of energy consumption in our new home and guest house. For the first time, we’ll have real time data at our fingertips about our

  • overall energy use
  • power generation through renewables (including solar PV, solar thermal and air source heat pump)
  • water use
  • appliance consumption, efficiency and hidden usage whilst on standby
  • costs of all utilities – which we hope will be zero!
  • carbon footprint from combined use of utilities

Perhaps you’ve seen a similar energy monitoring system in an eco show-home? Here, for the very first time, we’re offering the public an opportunity to FEEL the comfort of an overnight stay in a luxury eco house and SEE for themselves the carbon footprint they are creating. When you stay at Sky House Sussex, you’ll be able to play, TOUCH and learn about the energy consumption in your own guestroom. Want to know how much energy your hairdryer just used? Simply log onto the user platform via the iPad provided for guests and find out.

We think this is a pretty neat idea and hope it’ll spark enthusiasm among our guests. We want to show you that Sky House Sussex is a sumptuous and sustainable place to stay. We hope to challenge people’s assumptions and show that luxury, mindful consumption can be low carbon emitting if energy efficiency and renewable resources are put in place. So we’re also a little nervous; the energy monitors will expose what really goes on behind the scenes. We’re pretty good at turning off lights but there’ll be no denying any unconscious energy consumption once it’s displayed on the monitor screens for all to see.

However, it’s from this direct green living experience that we hope to modify our own behaviour and discover ways of reducing energy consumption.

For us, this will be one giant leap forward in reaching net zero carbon living.

Are you ready for an energy saving light-bulb moment? We’d love the opportunity to share ours with you at the UK’s first interactive eco guest house.