Ho ho ho! Have you been good this year? Bath tub, fridge freezer or new kitchen cupboards on your wish list? Santa got into the green spirit this year and gave away recycled goodies – check out these pics:

The 60 year old bungalow and summer house were well worn properties but there were many good parts, too good to end up in landfill. So the first step in our demolition was to put the contents on Freecycle, Trash Nothing, Freegle and other similar sites. We wanted to recycle as much of the old furniture, kitchenware and sanitary ware as possible. We offered these to charities and the local Bonfire societies but there were no takers. 

So we listed items online in Lewes and the surrounding area and were able to find new homes for two sets of kitchen cupboards, a cooker, two fridge freezers, bath tubs and sinks, sleeping bags, a sofa, pots, pans, kitchen utensils, flooring and taps…the list goes on.  We felt good knowing these items would be re-used, and of course people love a freebie – so it’s win-win all round! We’re living in a ruthlessly throw-away society so it was great to meet people who see the value in re-using things that still have some mileage in them.

Green warning: we felt great about our recycling but it took an enormous amount of energy, effort and time.  Our commitment to recycle ended up requiring hours of emails, phone calls and site visits.  We all have such busy lives that sometimes it’s easier to choose the quickest, most painless method of disposal. We didn’t anticipate the sheer demand on our time but the feel-good factor made it more than worthwhile!